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 Are Your Feet Slowing You Down?

  • Misaligned feet lead to a negative chain reaction throughout the body.

  • Millions of adults and children suffer from this common condition.

  • Often misdiagnosed, many patients undergo unnecessary medical treatment for other pain and symptoms.

  • Your entire body depends and is supported by stability or instability of your feet for standing, walking and running.

  • Stabilizing that foundation is key to a healthy body.

Misaligned Feet? Your Body Will Tell You

Your feet are the foundation of your body.

When your feet are misaligned, your body will tell you through:


  • Chronic sore feet, heels, and ankles

  • Knee joint pain and shin splints

  • Hip joint pain

  • Back pain



Do you think you have misaligned feet or are your feet affecting you?

Take this Foot Alignment Assessment to find out if you or someone you know has misaligned feet and may be a potential candidate for HyProCure.

The Foot Alignment Assessment does not replace the need for a consultation with a foot care specialist, as only a trained HyProCure specialist can make this determination.

Your Internal Solution to Misaligned Feet

  • Imagine a titanium stent that instantly realigns and stabilizes your foot while still allowing a normal range of motion.

  • There is such a device that has been used in both children and adults for more than 10 years.

  • This is a minimally invasive solution that has been clinically and scientifically proven to be an effective treatment choice for misaligned feet.

  • In fact, there have been nearly 40,000 stents placed by foot specialists in nearly 50 countries globally.

Success Stories

Children and adults have discovered a better quality of life by aligning their feet. Here are a few of our patients’ success stories.

Now I don’t hurt or trip over myself. Today, I barely even know I had the procedure done – it never hurts and I never have a problem.”
See John’s video.


I had the HyProCure procedure and I was back to playing soccer right away! Years later, the pain is still gone.”
See Kim’s video.


Since I had the procedure, I have not experienced any pain – and I can’t wait to have the other foot done!”
See Judy’s video.


From the first time I stood up, the difference was instantly noticeable. The transformation has been amazing.”
See Sara’s video.



Find a Specialist


HyProCure specialists share stories of their patients’ success stories on a regular basis.  Listen to a few of our physicians as they share how HyProCure has made a positive impact to their patients’ quality of life.

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